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Indulge in Proper Neapolitan style pizza with The Proper Pizza Co.

The Proper Pizza Co is a mobile pizza catering company which offers incredible pizzas, cooked the traditional Neapolitan way. The company has been all around the country, serving delicious, quick food. Although the Proper Pizza Co is a mobile catering company, great care is taken in making the pizzas, so that you feel as if you are in an authentic wood-fired pizzeria restaurant in Italy.



The pizzas are of course made by hand, the proper way, and cooked to absolute perfection in awesome Italian brick ovens. The pizzas have a unique and authentic flavour that simply cannot be re-created in a standard oven.



The Proper Pizza Co will have your pizza ready in 90 seconds, with it being thin, crispy and packed with flavoursome ingredients that are locally sourced. And don’t worry, The Proper Pizza Co’s pizzas are very light and not heavy or greasy at all, so you will be able to dance the night away on your big day, the proper way!


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