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Delicious Sweet Treats with Dust with Cocoa

Add a dust of vintage, bohemian and rustic style to your wedding cake with Dust With Cocoa. Dust with Cocoa 1

Dust With Cocoa specialises in delicious, bespoke wedding cakes. Each cake is made with attention to detail so that every one is finished to a high standard and is unique to each and every couple.

Dust with Cocoa 2

The options and choices are endless. Traditional cakes can be made to your liking, or perhaps you may want to go with layers or tiers to really make an impression. Dust With Cocoa offers unique flavours like no other and the opportunity to have your cake naked, which would add to the rustic effect, is available, or of course you are able to have your cake piped to perfection.

Dust with Cocoa

To really push the boat out on your big day, Dust With Cocoa offers their own Posh brownies and a variety of other sweet treats for wedding favours and dessert tables, to really get you and your guest’s sweet tooth going.

Meet Debbie and sample her delights at our barn on November 6th.

Find Dust with Cocoa here : www.dustwithcocoa.co.uk

Or get social on Facebook : @dustwithcocoa & Instagram : dustwithcocoa